ACC Guideline changes

Periodically, the ACC Committee looks at the current ACC Guidelines and we might add or, in some cases, remove or change a guideline.

Recently, we added a sentence relating to window tinting or window film.

Under “Awnings, Sunscreens and Sunshades,” and again under “Miscellaneous,” we added “Window tinting and Window film along with Awnings, Sunscreens and Sun Shades must be coordinated with the house exterior colors and must have prior approval by the ACC Committee.”

Another change made is under “Storage Containers.”

We removed the sentence, “Paint colors must match the homes exterior paint colors.”

This does not mean you may have purple, blue or pink storage containers, but it does mean that most home improvement stores that sell large storage containers usually carry three basic colors, grey, tan and brown; these are acceptable but must have prior approval by the ACC Committee. Please remember that the Guidelines do give you dimension sizes and allowable locations. You may pick up a current copy of the ACC Guidelines at the HOA Office or find the Guidelines online at the SunBird website.

Remember, this is Weed and Palm Tree Trimming Season. Hopefully, you have already had weed pre-emergence, but if you have not, it’s not too late! Palm trees should be cut in June and July after they have flowered. If you trim too early, they will need to be trimmed a second time.