2023 Board of Directors

As a result of the recent Homeowners Association Board of Directors Elections held this past November, two homeowners were elected: Nancy Eckstein received 569 votes, and Bob Morris received 554 votes. The board met in December, just following its regularly scheduled business meeting, and elected the officers of the board for the year 2023 as follows: Nancy Eckstein, president; Dirk Close, vice president; Jim Anderson, treasurer; and Chuck Heitbrink, secretary. Other members of the 2023 board are Dan Buescher and Bob Morris. The 2023 board of directors is excited for this new year and are setting goals for this upcoming year to keep SunBird a great place to live. Homeowners are welcome to attend board meetings, normally scheduled the fourth Monday of each month in the ballroom of the clubhouse, at 10 a.m.