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Gary and Deanna Metzger

Gary and Deanna Metzger

Bob Neuman

Our residents are considered to be friendly and compatible residents. If you care to have those traits confirmed, then come meet Gary and Deanna Metzger. In 1996, they purchased in SunBird and moved in full-time in 2001.

They had come to Arizona at times to visit Gary’s parents in Mesa and explore possible retirement communities, including Sun Lakes, but SunBird won out.

Due to Gary’s positive remarks about SunBird, several couples they knew have since moved here. Two are Deana’s brother and her uncle.

Deanna was born and educated in Wenatchee, Washington, noted for its apple production. “I continued multiple education classes,” she said. Among those was a real estate career that lasted 25 years. She became successful as a real estate agent, closer, sales, appraisal and organization. Her ancestry is Russian.

Gary’s family resided in Lafayette, Indiana, where he obtained his formal education and attended Porter College in Indianapolis. He played high school baseball, football and ran track. “I joined the army in 1964 and was sent to Korea for 13 months. After three years, I was discharged as an E-4.”

After the army, he worked for Boeing in Washington. His real calling and talent were in sales. Working as a representative for a greeting card company, he left for a manufacturing rep for numerous companies. This took him throughout the Northwest and Hawaii. Eventually, he established his own business in that area. The best part is he gives God all the credit.

“My father was a salesman who once had driven a huckster wagon. My uncles were in sales also, so it was normal for me to become one also,” he said. Gary, a meticulous, outgoing, precise and born salesman, has enjoyed great success in his endeavors.

Deanna and Gary attended the same church in Washington where he was group leader of many single people. She was one of them. There was an attachment and two years of secret dating before it was announced to the singles that a marriage was forthcoming in 1991. There were four children in their family and now six grandchildren.

Before each wedding, the minister required a personality test for each person. After examining theirs, he said he had never seen two people with closer chiastic.

The couple has done extensive traveling to Europe and the Holy Land. There are also trips to Indiana to visit relatives. Prior to each European trip, which was every two years, Gary did extensive study about all the particulars before leaving.

Gary is an excellent golfer. Both do many things for their church, SunBird Community Church, and were board members for four years.

Life is good for Gary and Deanna here at SunBird.