Lady 18ers holiday fun

SunBird Tennis Club news

Learn watercolor in a fun and non-threatening environment

Celebrating the new year

Lady 18ers holiday fun

Santa and his elves at this year’s Golf/Tennis Christmas Party Lady 18ers Net Shoot Out winners (left to right): Wendie Cameron (3rd), Joyce Gerber (1st), Dana Marrs (2nd) In December,…

SunBird Tennis Club news

On January 5, we hosted the Sun Lakes Tennis Club at SunBird. It was a very close match, but we prevailed, winning 15-13. Big thank you to Barb Wallace and…

Edgar Cayce study group

Our “Search for God” study group meets every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in Room A-2 of Cottonwood Country Club. We explore the readings of Edgar Cayce who is recognized as the greatest psychic of the 20th century and the founder of holistic healing. We strive to be healthier, peaceful and to be one with the…

Al-Anon meeting

The new 12-step Al-Anon group meets Monday evenings at 5:30 p.m. in the Ceramics Room of the SunBird clubhouse. If you are concerned about the drinking problems of someone you care about, come and join in on our discussions and receive some help for your peace of mind.

Prepare to laugh and be amazed!

Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 14. The SunBird Lions will present the unique must see Brad Zinn’s Comedy Magic Show. You may have seen Brad Zinn before, but never like this. Brad Zinn is one of the most sought after comedy magic entertainers in his field. His background in acting, magic and comedy make…

January SunBird Garden Club meeting

Donna Bergmann and Jennifer Walden share a laugh while discussing the upcoming March 8 Garden Club Home Tour. Tickets will be on sale at the HOA office.

Donna Bergmann did a delightful and informative presentation on Whimsy in the Garden. It included a wonderful planting of sedum and other plants using a birdcage. There was also a segment on how to plant a vertical plastic bloom bag that you can hang on walls and fences. They have been all the rage the…

Pathways to Peace

Join Lois Valleau, Sarah Kelzenberg and Catharina Cupples for the Equinox weekend!

Lois Valleau Ask anyone and they will tell you they’d like to see more peace in the world. Usually that means they ought to change and then I will be more peaceful. What if I was to suggest that peace in the world really is an inner journey? The more peace you and I can…