Summer semester begins at NAIL

April beauty at SunBird

SunBird Garden Club enjoys outing at the Olive Mill

SunBird Pickleball and Tennis Clubs work together

SunBird Pickleball Club continues play through summer

Summer semester begins at NAIL

  Catherine Hammond Summer semester for New Adventures in Learning, a lifelong-learning program, runs from June 4 to July 26, 2018. The purpose of this group is to provide classes…

Bocce ball is on a roll

Check out the 
trial bocce court!

Dianne Reed Bocce is finally here at SunBird thanks to the hard work of many people. After years of discussion and debate, a trial bocce court has been constructed and is being used by many SunBird residents. The HOA Project Planning Committee has long debated the feasibility and space considerations for a bocce ball court…

Line Dancing with Judee – April 2015

Dancers who attended the Sunday, March 1 line dance at SunBird.

To have had the opportunity to teach line dancing at SunBird for 15 plus years makes me realize how important it is to dancers who really embrace and understand what I teach them, understand my philosophy and the reasons for how I teach and then watch them dance is rewarding for everyone. While we dance…

Dollars and Sense: 6 quick fixes you can make to your living trust

Francisco P. Sirvent

Editor’s Note: “Dollars and Sense” is a new column in the SunBird News dedicated to financial issues. This column is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information on the subject of personal finances. The publisher shall not be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damages, including but not limited to special,…

Patrol Report – April 2015

Ray Taylor As we enter the month of April we find ourselves thinking about the hot weather ahead. When the weather gets hot, sometimes our tempers get a little on the hot side. Try not to get mad at others especially when we are driving. Many of our current residents are getting ready to return…

Bandits donate to SunBird Golf Course


Dave Jones accepted a check from Denny Thomas, representing the Bandits golfing group, to further golf course projects at SunBird. The Bandits contribute each year to furthering the beauty and playability of the golf course.

SunBird Lady Golfers

The Canadians vs. Americans in the Stolhiem Cup

Jean Pritchard What a busy month. First, on February 10 and 17, was the Stolhiem Cup, where the Canadian ladies (and friends) competed with the American ladies for the Stolhiem Championship. The first week the Americans were ahead, but by the time the tally was totaled and lunch was finished on the second week, the…