We need your help

This summer has produced an abundance of weeds on properties within SunBird due to the amount of recent rainfall. The ACC makes attempts to notify homeowners when the weeds become unsightly; however, with the number of homes where weeds are present, it is difficult for the ACC to address every one. Therefore, we rely on the homeowners, HOA maintenance and the golf course to inspect their areas and not only spray the weeds but remove them. Weeds that have been sprayed and are still visible can have similar negative appearance as live weeds. We try to keep our community as neat as possible and we need the help of all concerned to accomplish this. It is recognized that there are homes that are for sale, and homes that are in foreclosure where it is difficult to have any contact with the owners. In many cases, after due process our maintenance will remove the weeds and the cost of the removal is applied to the home. We ask that all homeowners either employ a professional or a local person to look after their property when away from SunBird. A good yard maintenance program can minimize the chance of future weed growth.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping SunBird a beautiful place to live.

The SunBird Architectural Control Committee.