Colorado/Wyoming/New Mexico Get Together January 30

Colorado/Wyoming/New Mexico Get Together January 30

Mark your calendars. All Colorado/Wyoming/New Mexico present and former residents and houseguests are invited to a wine and cheese party on Thursday, Jan. 30, at the home of Gary Hall and Joy Stoltz at 6361 South Sawgrass Drive. The party will be from 3 to 5 p.m.

BYOB and an appetizer to share. This will be an opportunity to meet new friends and renew friendships. We will also discuss our patio party, which will be on Saturday, March 21, on the SunBird patio. We need your input to make this a success. RSVP to Gary and Joy at 303-378-5576.

Michigan/Illinois State Party

The sixth annual Michigan and Illinois combined State Party is scheduled for Saturday, March 28, from 4 to 8 p.m. on the clubhouse patio. Please mark this date on your calendar. A planning meeting is being held on Wednesday, Jan. 8, in the Lakeview Room from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. All SunBird residents from the great states of Illinois and Michigan are invited to participate in the planning for the combined party.

For further information, contact Marge Smith at 480-883-1622 or Janice Fleming at 480-883-6915 for Michigan residents. Illinois residents may contact Mary Jane Mogdans at 815-861-1755.

Iowa State Fair – West March 28

Mary Bixby

All those Iowans, and those who would like to be, look forward with 20/20 vision toward the new year. My provider network is exploding with requests from you for information regarding the Iowa State Fair-West Party. So, here’s the scoop straight from the butter cow’s mouth.

The 17th annual Iowa Party will be held on the SunBird patio from 4 to 8 p.m. on March 19. If you wish, now is a good time to shop for something you would like to contribute to the annual raffle, which helps support the gathering of friends from the heartland. Put this event on your calendar and plan to attend. The roasted chicken and delicious Iowa potluck dishes will reward you. See you at the Iowa State Fair-West.

Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania Gather March 7

Hey, all you snowbirds from Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, don’t forget to mark Saturday, March 7, on your calendars. That is the date to celebrate our three great states. We will try to arrange for nicer weather than we had last year. We don’t mind a little chilly, but gale force winds were ridiculous. It will be held on the patio, as in the past, and we will have more information in the February SunBird News. We hope to see a lot of you there and possibly many more new faces. @