Bridge Results

Monday Bridge Group

Shirley Jackson

SunBird Monday Bridge Group report for May, 2017:

5/01. 1st Marlys Haslow, 2nd Ken Haslow, 3rd Sharon Wold

5/08. 1st Larry Schoenborn, 2nd Dot Sykes, 3rd Peggy White

5/15. 1st Chet Howe, 2nd Nan Atchley, 3rd Arlie Mulder

5/22. 1st Rachel Anderson, 2nd Rose Brown, 3rd Barb Ott

5/29. 1st Larry Schoenborn, 2nd Beth Miller, 3rd Karlene Garn

Wednesday Morning Mixed Bridge

5/03. 1st Shirley Clark, 2nd Ken Haslow, 3rd Larry Schoenborn

5/10. 1st Chris Nechvatal, 2nd Jim Beaupre, 3rd Mary Jo Howe

5/17. 1st Rose Brown, 2nd Chris Nechvatal, 3rd Walt Mills

5/24. 1st Larry Schoenborn, 2nd LaVonne Buland, 3rd Jeanne Lewis

5/31. 1st Jim Beaupre, 2nd Chris Nechvatal, 3rd Rose Brown

Wednesday Evening Bridge

5/03. 1st Sue and Jim McCutcheon, 2nd Rachel Anderson and Barb Ott, 3rd Ron Mitchell and Donna Elliot

5/10. 1st Lita and Walter Mills, 2nd Donna Elliot and Ron Mitchell, 3rd Karlene Garn and Mel Huser

5/17. 1st Mike and Shirley Lamers, 2nd Mike and Lauren McDonough, 3rd Rachel Anderson and Barb Ott

5/24. 1st Ron Mitchell and Donna Elliot, 2nd Terry and Sharon Wold, 3rd Jim Beaupre and Toni Greisiger

5/31. 1st Lavonne Buland and Treach Deflieze, 2nd Jim Beaupre and Toni Greisiger, 3rd Jim and Sue McCutheon

Thursday Morning Novice  Duplicate Bridge Game

Maria Davis

This is a practice-type teaching game for novices and Social Bridge players interested in learning about Duplicate Bridge and improving their skills in a relaxed atmosphere. There is a 15-minute lesson on bridge tips, followed by playing duplicated hands. During bidding and play of the hands, you may ask questions. Everyone is welcome, with or without a partner. Duplicate Bridge can be fun! We play on Thursday mornings at 8:15 a.m. at Risen Savior Lutheran Church. Follow us on Facebook at East Valley Novice Duplicate Bridge Group, or email for further information.

Friday Afternoon Bridge

Mike Lamers

Friday Afternoon Bridge is held in the SunBird Pima Room from 12:30-4:00 p.m.

May, 2017, winners:

5/05. 1st Mary Jo Howe, 2nd Barb Ott, 3rd Rachel Anderson

5/12. 1st Jim McCutcheon, 2nd Dolores Kline, 3rd Mary Jo Howe

5/19. 1st Bill Kohlmorgen, 2nd Toni Greisiger, 3rd Larry Schoenborn

5/26. 1st Jim McCutcheon, 2nd Jim Beaupre, 3rd Dolores Kline