Board notes – December 2014

All Board members and General Manager L. Varney were in attendance. The corrected minutes of the September 22, 2014 regular meeting, the minutes of the October 13, 2014 planning workshop minutes and the October 13, 2014 Executive meeting were approved.

The Treasurer’s report was given by Treasurer D. Brown-Knoeppel. The Manager’s report was given by L. Varney.

Administration: SunBird updated its website with a facelift and other features still under construction. A uniform banner is used with SunBird’s logo, same colors and style as the SunBird e-mail newsletters and special notices. The SunBird e-mail news and notices have received very positive comments.

Collection status report: During the month of September $5,067.71 was collected from past due accounts. This past month SunBird had seven home sales in the month of August for a total of 92 for year which is more than projected. A special assessment has been mailed of $110 with $55 due November 1, 2014. As of October 22, 52 percent of the lots have paid the special assessment. Of the 52 percent who have paid, 44 percent have paid the full amount and we have collected $3,990 in additional contributions for a total of $71,145.

Food & Beverage: The Horizon Room atmosphere is exciting with our new manager and new kitchen manager, Octavio “Izzy” Duran, with over 17 years’ experience. A new menu is nearing completion. Appetizers are now offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Planning more themed events, there will be Veterans Day specials and a Thanksgiving buffet. Sunday breakfast buffet has returned with the option of a light breakfast from the menu. Let’s thank Marion Patterson for donating the 22 new square tables and three new patio tables and 18 chairs for the balcony area. This has helped add more style to the Horizon Room.

Common Area: Landscape and decorative lights have been installed on the north side of the Clubhouse. Both swim pool decks were stripped, cleaned, repaired and re-sealed last week. Exterior painting and touch-up around clubhouse and vehicle gates has started. The late rains caused an explosion of plant growth in the common areas. Last week we hired a landscape contract company to assist in catching up. This winter we will be focusing on areas of the irrigation lines that have deteriorated and new complete replacement. We are working with the SunBird Garden Club to refresh the landscape near the Ballroom stairway entrance area.

Patrol: A landscape vehicle pulling a trailer tried to enter into SunBird unauthorized through the exit gate at Hunt Highway and had all six tires flattened immediately by the tire spikes.

Committee Liaison Reports:

ACC Committee: L. Buries: Weed information given to homeowners.

Marketing Committee: J. Pritchard: No meeting as of yet but are looking for new members.

Projects Review Committee: M. Scartozzi: The newly decorated Sunrise Patio is complete and the pool project is progressing.

Going Green Committee: B. Perkins: A report on Phoenix Fibers showed that we have earned over $819 with this project. There will be a seminar with someone from the Attorney General concerning elder scams. There will be a Free Shredding Day in March 2015.

Rule Committee: C. Warren: Met October 6, 2014 and decided to continue working without a kitchen committee at this time.

Finance Committee: D. Brown-Knoeppel: The committee met on October 7, 2014 and reviewed the financial and food and beverage reports.

President Lee advised that all liaison reports would stand as presented. There was an update from the CC&R Task Force regarding proposed language for the Board to preview. An Ad Hoc Committee was formed for the Food and Beverage review. The members are L. Buries, J. Pritchard and G. Lee.

ACC Requests: Request approval for a new AAC member, Barbara Davis. Plastic and/or vinyl lattice as approved materials: All lattice to be approved by the ACC prior to installation.

Height of block walls: Rear and front privacy walls are not to exceed four feet. All permits must be approved by the ACC.

Election Committee Report: The five candidates for Board members were introduced: N. Eckstein, J. Fetterman, W. Griffin, P. McGonegle and C. Warren.

Swimming pool update status report: The pool progress report was presented by General Manager L. Varney.

CC&R Ballot Review: D. Brown-Knoeppel read and reviewed the ballot for the vote on the CC&R’s which will be held in January 2015.

2015 Budget Final Review and Approval: The budget was approved.

Revised December Board meeting schedule: The President suggested that all the meetings for the month of December, the Agenda/Planning, Regular and Executive meetings be combined and held on Monday, December 8, 2014 to begin at 1:00 p.m.