Yard decor guidelines

SunBird has no specific rules and restrictions concerning the use of Yard Décor (i.e., metal sculptures, silk flowers, plastic flowers, pottery, etc.) within our community. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to arrive at a common dictionary of what is and what is not Yard Décor, where would Art Work be placed, what sizes, colors, materials should be used and at what point how many pieces of Art Work present a confused scene. Currently, the ACC depends on complaints to visually decide what is either acceptable or not.

The ACC does not want to make a set of black and white rules for Yard Décor. We have studied other communities’ rules, and we really do not want to tell our homeowners, “You may only have three of this and five of that.” What is acceptable to one may not be to others.

We will be focusing on Yard Décor this year. One of our focus points will be on artificial flowers. We strongly suggest not using them; they fade in our Arizona sun and wilt in our monsoon rains.

We will be using the “less is more” philosophy on all Yard Décor. Take a look at your property, particularly your front yards. If you have large numbers of items in the yard, it is probably time to start picking your favorites and disposing of the rest.

The current ACC Guideline for Yard Décor is as follows: The ACC reserves the right to request homeowners to either remove or display the Lawn Art in an appropriate fashion to be appealing to the neighbors and entire community. If necessary, the ACC may request pictures, dimensions, locations and colors of all displayed Lawn Art.