Why You Should Hire Licensed Contractors!

Work done by unlicensed contractors happens every day, everywhere. Frequently, the work done is fine, and the homeowner feels they saved money, time, and energy. However, all too often homeowners lose thousands and sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars with absolutely no recourse available to the homeowner.

Hiring licensed contractors has many advantages and protections for homeowners. A contractor cannot obtain a license without having a minimal amount of experience, must pass an exam in their field of expertise, may be required to have a trade-specific exam, have a criminal background check, be bonded, and, equally important, cannot have any unresolved complaints.

In addition, homeowners have protections not available to those using unlicensed persons. Among the projections are the ability to file a complaint within specified timeframes. Should the contractor be found negligent in standards of work or not completing work to code, you may also be eligible to apply to the Registrar’s Residential Contractors’ Recovery Fund and, depending on the cost of damages, receive up to $30,000 to have the work corrected or completed.

Beware! Just because an ad says, “Licensed, Bonded and Insured,” does not mean it’s true!

Before you sign a contract or give any contractor any form of payment, be sure to check the Registrar of Contractors website, azroc.my.site.com/AZRoc/s/contractor-search, for the current status of their license and to see if they have any unresolved complaints.

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