Why SunBird?

Ed Treglia

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you manage retirement? One day at a time. Fast forward from the beginning, you are born, reach maturity, betrothed, marry, produce offspring, provide for and raise a family; they fly the nest and you are alone again seeking a new life. This second life called the “Golden Years” is less stressful and more regarding provided that you had prepared yourself physically and financially. You have now reached that phase of your life called “Retirement.” This means instead of working a job which requires your daily presence and labor, you are now free to occupy your time traveling, pursuing your hobbies and relaxing at your discretion. But where? There are many factors to consider that can offer an optimum atmosphere that unfortunately was not an option during your growing years. There are enticing conditions that must also be considered toward retirement which include seeking scenic beauty, favorable weather, affordability and amenities that fir your lifestyle. Enter SunBird. I have always extolled and exalted the virtues of SunBird because of its favorable climate and all-encompassing facilities and activities. When you think of utopia, paradise or aspire the closest thing to heaven, what do you visualize? You see blue skies, birds, trees, sunshine, greenery and favorable temperatures. You see a relaxing atmosphere, friendly God fearing people and a variety of amenities. I have just described retirement life at SunBird.

Here are some common sense tips on retirement living. It’s time you used the money you saved, enjoy the moment for the sand in the hourglass clock flows quickly.

Avoid worry, especially about the financial condition of your children and grandchildren. You have taken care of them in the past and now it is your day in the sun. Don’t stress over little things; you made it this far in life so coast downhill.

Be assertive and more bold with aplomb. You don’t have to go through the revolving door on somebody else’s push.

Exercise, walk, eat and sleep well, keep a healthy lifestyle and enjoy each day while loving your family, neighbors and your country. Be patriotic, proud, respect the flag, give thanks and count your blessings. These things are the nucleus of happiness and contentment.

Don’t lose sight of your friends and relations, they are a huge part of your life, keep it that way. A phone call, an email, letter, or greeting card will keep you close. Try not to complain, brag or criticize but keep a positive attitude that makes your contacts with others welcome.

Looking to retire? It is natural to always search for the best; SunBird is it. If you are already living in SunBird, look no further, you have peaked; it doesn’t get any better; so congratulations, now enjoy.