Who’s that knocking? Deception goes door to door – don’t fall for it

Bonnie Marcus, Community Administrator

Although solicitors are not allowed in SunBird Golf Resort, they do manage to occasionally find a way into our community. Sometimes there will be contractors or cable people who are in the community to work on a homeowner’s property or even a politician that is going door to door. They might ring your doorbell to tell you they are working at a neighbor’s home; they have a great deal for you, too. Maybe they have extra rock they don’t want to take back. Maybe they are delivering a package to you that you were not expecting and then ask for a handling charge. DON’T FALL FOR IT.

Don’t allow entry to unexpected “utility employees” who say they need to inspect your air-conditioning unit or hot water heater. Utility companies don’t dispatch workers to go inside your home without first notifying you. Assume that unsolicited offers for a free energy audit will lead to a hard sell or possibly unnecessary but expensive improvements.

Beware of charities you’ve never heard of claiming to raise money for victims of a recent disaster, wounded veterans, police and fire departments, or sick kids.

Watch out for couriers who arrive with an unexpected package. In one growing scheme, they show up unannounced (or following a phone call about a supposed package) and ask for a nominal “verification fee” paid with a credit card in order to receive the item.

NEVER provide your Social Security number, income level, birth date or hometown. It’s all useful information for identity thieves.

When in doubt, ask a friend or family member to check it out.