What is old is new again

Rick Lantgen, General Manager

A few years ago former PGA Tour player and current NBC/Golf Channel Commentator Peter Jacobsen was asked, “What is it that still excites you about the game of golf?” Without hesitation Peter said, “Arriving at the golf course early in the morning, the smell of fresh cut grass in the air, and the promise that a new golf day will bring.” Many of the members at SunBird can relate to that simple edict. For others, it’s the cut and thrust of friendly competition, making new friends and catching up with acquaintances, on or off the golf course, holing a putt or two of significant length, or having struck the golf ball cleanly enough the state of satisfaction that rings throughout your entire being says, “that felt good, can’t wait to do it again.”

Speaking of repetition, who says a round of golf has to be 18 holes? Well the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews did in 1858 when it issued a new set of rules to its members; Rule 1 stated, “One round of the Links or 18 holes is reckoned a match unless otherwise stipulated.” Prior to those golf courses all around Scotland, England and Ireland had various hole totals; some as few as five holes others as many as 24. In 1764, the Links at St. Andrews (The Old Course) was converted from 22 holes to 18. The first 12 Open Championships from 1860-1872 (no competition in 1871, there was no trophy; and no one wanted to pay for a new one) were played at Prestwick. The Links at Prestwick was a 12 hole course and the Championship was contested over three rounds all played in one day. Your SunBird Golf Club has many that like to play nine holes but if six or even four holes is all you want to play that’s ok. We encourage you play no matter how many holes you can get in. So whether you play a few holes, four holes, six holes, nine holes, 12 holes or 18, we want you to enjoy your golf at SunBird Golf Club, let’s get out and play.

What is old is new again!