Welcome on Board

Richard Volpe

Our club’s primary goals are to provide support to those veterans and others who are in need. With the help and support of all our club members, our club maintains several storage facilities where we have a variety of medical supplies and an assortment of equipment that can be obtained in a short amount of time for those needing support. This is all only a phone call away, whether from an unexpected emergency or, in some cases, an item that may help improve a person’s quality of life for a longer period of time. For additional information regarding this, please feel free to call the number listed below.

Among the major achievements that left us feeling good this past year was the ability to be able to provide a large number of motorized electric scooters to those requiring support to help with their long-term disabilities. Many thanks go out to the efforts of those club members involved and the outside support from so many others that made this all possible.

Our club meets monthly on the third Friday of the month in the Lakeview Room located in the SunBird Community Center. Meetings start at 11 a.m. and typically last only about an hour. When available, guest speakers are part of the program and are helpful in keeping us all current with benefits that are available and also the latest changes that come into play.

All members who have served in the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard are always welcome. If arriving early and looking for a quick cup of coffee or a place for lunch close by, on the upper level of the Community Center where our meetings are held there is a full-service restaurant. If you have any questions regarding our club’s activities or would like more details on other club activities we get involved with, please feel free to give Rich Volpe a call. In addition to meetings, several club members stay active and stay in touch throughout the year by meeting for lunch on a weekly basis. Check it out. Rich Volpe can be reached by telephone at 480-802-2532.