Welcome New Neighbors

Michael Ohlmann

S. Oakmont Drive

Michael enjoys golf, oil painting, pickleball, Tai Chi, and billiards.

Sherry L. Dils

E. Buena Vista Drive

Hometown/State: Springdale, Pa.

Sherry is single and has three children. Her interests include dancing, music, and relaxing.

Paul Kelly

E. Cherry Hills Drive

Hometown/State: Auburn, N.Y.

Paul enjoys playing tennis and shuffleboard.

Gary D. and Peggy Jo Nelson

E. Sawgrass Drive

Hometown/State: McCook and Kimball, Neb.

Gary and Peggy have been married for 56 years and have four children.

Robert Morris

S. Tournament Lane

Hometown/State: Detroit, Mich.

Robert is divorced, having been married 25 years, and has four children. He enjoys golf, snowboarding, pickleball, and swimming.

Diane Meis

S. Pebble Beach Drive

Hometown/State: Fort Collins, Colo.

Diane has been married 33 years and has three children. She enjoys quilting and ceramics.

Elena Davis (resident) and James Davis (son-owner)

E. Doral Drive

Hometown/State: Cebu, Philippines, and Coolidge, Ariz.

Elena is widowed and has two children. Her interests include walking, traveling, gardening, and volunteering.

Jeanne Garnier

E. Buena Vista Drive

Hometown/State: Waterloo, Iowa

Jeanne has one child.

Les and Charlotte Lane

E. Cherry Hills Drive

Hometown/State: Tula, Okla. (Les) and Shreveport, La. (Charlotte)

Les and Charlotte have been married for 14 years. Les has one child, and Charlotte has three children. Their interests include dancing, social activities, and golf.

Ron Jackson

E. Torrey Pines

Hometown/State: Elma, Wash.

Ron is single and has no children. He enjoys golf.

Len and Lynne Zacharias

E. Gleneagle Drive

Hometown/State: Oconomowoc, Wisc.

Dennis and Pamela Bisby

E. Gleneagle Drive

Hometown/State: Newton, Kan.

Dennis and Pamela have been married for 38 years, and Dennis has four children. Their interests include woodworking, golf, and gardening. @