Welcome New Neighbors

Glenn and Karen Birkemeyer

6440 S. Championship Drive

Hometown/State: Mankato, Minn.

Glenn and Karen have been married for 50 years on June 20, 2020, and have three children.

Larry and Judie Hays

1860 E. Kerby Farms Road

Hometown/State: San Diego, Calif.

Larry and Judie have been married for 20 years and have seven children. They enjoy travel.

Len and Doris Christianson

1550 E. Bellerive Court

Hometown/State: Birchwood, Wisc.

Len and Doris have been married for 42 years and have three children.

Carol and George Daley

6233 S. Pinehurst Drive

Hometown/State: Toledo, Ohio

Carol and George have been married for eight months and have two children. Their interests include pickleball, badminton, and maybe golf.

Dawn Clear

1808 E. Augusta Avenue

Hometown/State: Toledo, Ohio

Dawn has one child. She is interested in fitness and would like to learn pickleball and water volleyball.

Leon and Norma Thomas

6640 S. Coral Gable Drive

Hometown/State: Bremerton, Wash.

Leon and Norma have been married for 67 years and have two children. They are interested in art.

Mark S. Vernon

1611 E. Firestone Drive

Hometown/State: Roxboro, N.C.

Mark has four children.

Rhonda Folz

1771 E. Westchester Drive

Hometown/State: Texas