Weeds and Unsightly Landscaping

ACC Committee

At this time of year, you should have already prepared for the upcoming weed season. We have seen many homes preparing for the weeds in January and February with the pre-emergence herbicides. This application should be applied twice a year, January/February and again in July/August (winter rains or summer monsoons), but it’s not too late.

SunBird homeowners are solely responsible to keep their property free of all dead/dying weeds, plants, trees, bushes, and other items, including trash/debris determined to be unattractive or a nuisance. The ACC Guidelines for weeds is that property owners receiving two notices of non-conformance within a 12-month period will become a recurrent, non-complying offender, resulting in an immediate $50 fine. The first fine is $50. If the problem continues, you could be charged $25 a day until the weeds are pulled.

A little investment in the pre-emergence can save you money in the long run. This will not only save you time and money, but you and your neighbors will enjoy your beautiful landscaping all year round—weed free!