Weeds and Unsightly Landscaping

ACC Committee

SunBird homeowners are solely responsible for keeping their property free of all dead/dying weeds, plants, trees, bushes, and other items including trash/debris determined to be unattractive or a nuisance. Fronts, sides, and backyards should always be free of weeds and dead and dying plants, trees, or bushes. Property owners receiving two notices of nonconformance within a 12-month period will become a recurrent, non-complying offender, resulting in an immediate $50 fine.

Landscaping, including trees, bushes and flowers, must not appear neglected or trespass neighboring properties, by either growing over party and private walls or obstructing public travel throughout the community.

Please take a walk around your property to see if you have clutter or weeds or your bushes need to be trimmed.  With all of the rain we have had this year, everything is growing so quickly. These weeds are popping up overnight.

Thank you for your compliance.