Want to be cool? Learn to dance!

Call Mary Lou Kaye to learn social dancing!

Call Mary Lou Kaye to learn social dancing!

A summer session of Social Dance classes will begin the week of June 16. The classes will be held in the dance studio (Room A6) at Cottonwood. Get a head start on becoming the dancing sensation of the next winter season.

If you missed the free sample class held on May 20, contact the certified instructor, Mary Lou Kaye, and see if there are other opportunities to see what her KISS (Keep It Super Simple) method is all about. Believe it or not, you will be able to move to any kind of music you hear within one hour. There is no memorization of all kinds of different steps, but that won’t stop you from impressing yourself with the speed at which you learn.

The three most important components of dancing are music, the leader and the follower. Put those together in sync and there’s no limit to the joy you’ll derive from being on the dance floor. It’s that Fountain of Youth you’ve been pursuing.

For more details call Mary Lou Kaye, Social Dancing Diva, at 480-491-4942; e-mail her at [email protected] and/or visit her website for additional info at Learnsocialdancing.com.