Vehicle and Golf Cart Registration

Bonnie Marcus, Community Administrator

During the summer months, the HOA office catches up on projects that we have difficulty completing during any other time of the year. After going through the vehicle files, we have discovered that many of our files are outdated. Over the years, people purchase new vehicles or golf carts and don’t think about updating their files at the HOA office. When new homeowners fill out the New Homeowners Information Form, sometimes they don’t always know the license plate numbers of their vehicles, and this information is left blank.

According to the Rules & Regulations, Article II, Section 3, “In an effort to identify all vehicles, including golf carts used within SunBird, all vehicles and golf carts of residents must display a SunBird identification decal on them.” The decal can be purchased at the office for $1 per decal. The decal must be displayed on the front windshield, driver side, on the lower left-hand corner. We have had past incidents when a golf cart has been taken by mistake or the owner has forgotten where they left it, and these decals have been useful in finding them.

We would like all homeowners to complete the form and return it to the HOA drop box located in front of the office, mail to 6250 S. SunBird Blvd., Chandler, AZ 85249, or email it to su[email protected]. This form is also available on our website, Simply go to Documents, from the drop-down menu, click on Forms, then click on Vehicle & Golf Cart Registration.

Thank you for your cooperation.