Updated Golf Cart Policy

We will be enforcing the following SBGC Policy starting this season, and a penalty of $15 will be assessed for those choosing to ride alone in their golf cart. Please review the updated Golf Cart Policy below—“All members and residents using their carts for a scheduled tee time must ride two per cart.”

Policy #1B, Golf Carts (revised 1/21/22)

1) Carts must remain on the cart paths on all par threes, except for hole #3. Carts must remain at least 50 feet from any green. Carts with handicap flags must stay at least 20 feet from any green. Continued violation of the distance from the green may result in a written reprimand or possible short-term suspension of golf privileges. Carts must avoid any areas where there is an accumulation of water or that appear soft, all hazards, and desert areas. Occupancy in a cart is limited to two persons and two golf bags. You must have a valid driver’s license to drive a golf cart.

a) Rental: A limited number of rental golf carts are available. Resident or Public rate includes a cart with pricing at two riders per cart. An additional fee is required for a single rider. Please inform the Golf Shop when making your tee time if you need a cart and how many. This is especially important during the high season. All golfers renting a cart are required to sign a “Golf Cart Agreement.” The person signing the agreement is responsible for any damage to the cart and/or other property.

b) Private: Privately owned electric golf carts are permitted on the golf course during a round of golf. Effective Jan. 1, 2022, an annual trail fee of $75/year/cart, or such amount agreed upon by the Golf Board, shall be paid by non-members who use their cart(s) on the golf course. Membership includes this fee. All member and non-member golf carts that are used on the golf course must display a current sticker, preferably in the lower right-hand windshield of the golf cart. Stickers are available from the Golf Shop. All members and residents using their carts for a scheduled tee time must ride two per cart.