Unity: The Power of Intention

Kay Davis

Unity church of Sun Lakes is a New Thought Spiritual community. We know that though we are unique and separate individuals, over our lifetime, we continue to learn and grow, and we support each other in our spiritual evolution. As the song goes, “Our Religion Is Oneness, Amen.” We are happy to announce that as of July 18, our Sunday morning services resumed at 10 a.m. at Sun Lakes 1 Arts and Crafts Room. If you are unable to be with us in person, the service is recorded on YouTube by our Rev. Jeanne MacLaughlin.

The March/April issue of Unity Magazine featured an interview by editor Katy Koontz with Lynne McTaggart, the architect of the Intention Experiments. These experiments link people around the world to focus their energy on bringing healing to a specific place or group of people. Her studies, in cooperation with international scientists and universities, are so far the largest mind-over-matter demonstrations ever done. She also initiated what she calls Power of Eight groups which do similar work but with fewer people. The results are striking—not only for the intended recipients, but also for the senders themselves, thanks to a surprisingly strong rebound effect. To date, out of 35 Intention Experiments, 31 of them have shown measurable, positive, mostly significant effects. The four that did not work had technical flaws, or one was too general. Lynne said she teaches that if you want world peace, you should start with a specific place and say when and how you want it to be more peaceful. Katy asked Lynne how intention compared to prayer. Intention is putting out a specific request to the universe, whereas with prayer, you are saying, “Thy will be done, You decide, God.” It is similar to prayer in that you are just the conduit, so you have to approach it with a sense of humility and trust the process. All faiths are included, Christians, Jews, and Muslims, all happy to join in. How does intention compare to meditation? It is very different, as meditation is an attempt to still the mind, while intention requires a highly-focused mind. As for the strong rebound effect, anything you do for anybody else, while desiring nothing in return, helps you to create a longer, healthier, happier life. Even when people who are ill help other people with the same illness, they get better faster. It’s a part of our need for connection, for community.

Lynne McTaggart is the author of seven books. You can look her up on lynnemctaggart.com. She has a holistic health magazine and is a 2020 New Thought Walden Award honoree.

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