Unity: Healing Questions


Kay Davis

Unity Church of Sun Lakes is a positive thinking, health minded, loving and inclusive Spiritual Community. We follow the teachings of Jesus and use affirmative prayer to make positive change in our lives. Our Sunday morning service is at 9:30 a.m. in the Arts and Crafts Room at Sun Lakes Country Club. Rev. Debbi Brown/Adams presides, and coffee and fellowship follow the service. The church closes during the months of July and August, but we will be back the first Sunday of September.

One of our church activities is a book study. The latest book we have been studying is titled The Healing Questions Guide: Relevant Questions to Ask the Mind to Activate Healing in the Body, by Wendi Jensen. The book is spiritual, not religious, and gives the person a practical way to change the way they think about their physical symptom or disease. Wendi offers a whole appendix of general symptoms and suggests questions having to do with metaphysical causes of dysfunction. By asking ourselves these questions and seeing if they resonate or feel personally relevant, we have a place to begin to realign our thoughts towards health. It is important for us to learn to ask our own questions of ourselves. One of the answers that we are not allowed to use is “I don’t know.” Instead, we might say, “I am ready to know,” or “I am willing to know.” The answers are all within our minds at a deep level and will come to the surface to be seen and healed.

For every symptom or disease there is an affirmation that is used on a regular basis to help us realign our minds to our naturally healthy state. This has been an enlightening book to read and interact with. We are happy to be growing in understanding of how to help ourselves. According to Rev. Ed Rosenback, “All healing is the outgrowth of a change of thought or belief.” Jesus asked, “Do you want to be healed?”

Activities: World Peace Meditation and prayer group meets the second Thursday of every month at 10:30 a.m. in Room A-3 of Cottonwood CC. If you would like to have prayer support, call Rev. Debbi at 602-309-1818.

Reiki Circle: This group meets on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in Room A-2 of Cottonwood CC. For more information, call Lois Valleau at 480-883-6699.

Visit us online at our website, www.unityofsunlakes.org.