Unity: A Christmas Poem

Kay Davis

Unity Church of Sun Lakes is a New Thought community. We gather together to celebrate Peace, Love, Light, and Healing. We practice affirmative prayer, positive thinking, and a healthful lifestyle. We meet in the Arts and Crafts Room at Sun Lakes Country Club at 9:30 a.m. every Sunday. Rev. Jeanne MacLaughlin presents our lessons. If you miss church, you can view the service on YouTube later that day. All are welcome.

If Every Day Were Christmas

By James Dillet Freeman (1912-2003)

If every day were Christmas, how different life would be,

If not one day but all the year were ruled by charity.

Had we the faith in miracles a child has Christmas morn,

Each day would be love’s manger and Christ would be reborn

in us again to change and heal our outworn wars and ways

had we a child’s or shepherd’s gift for wonderment and praise!

Yet every day is Christmas when we have learned to live by love’s law,

Learned not how to get but only how to give;

And like a child can wonder and like a child can pray

but have the grown-up wisdom to give ourselves away.

The magical month of December is here. There is Christmas with decorations, lights, songs, parties, family gatherings, and church gatherings. Another side of December is that it is winter, dark and quiet. A time to be still and reflect on the direction we are taking our life. We will soon be having a “burning bowl” ceremony and will thoughtfully be releasing what no longer serves us and replacing it with what is for our highest and best good. There is no hurry, with peace and love we can “Be” instead of run ourselves ragged trying to do it all. The Christ child is being born in our heart. Let us be still and listen!

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Unity Explores: A group went to Heard Museum in November.

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