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Carla and Daryl Tanner

Carla and Daryl Tanner

The Dumpster Shuffle

Bob Neuman

During a rather sleepless night recently, I came upon a visionary idea that would benefit the majority of SunBird residents. It will give them status and needed exercise.

Many of us relish trash collection day when we can feel useful and important. In late afternoon each day before the exciting day, our SunBirders appear like chipmunks hopping out of their holes.

Clutching the trash container, we wheel it to the edge of the street, hoping others observe our fitness. At the rumble of the monster truck the next morning, we rush to repeat the task by dragging the empty dumpster back to its resting place.

Instead of this sedentary operation, why not make it a corporate event? The fulfillment of such would require some practice and planning and pertain to residents on every SunBird block.

Our wide streets are excellent for the production. Dumpsters would have to be cleaned, either with soap and water or, if they are really soiled, perhaps a trip to the carwash would be necessary. The participants should be reasonably mobile.

At a specific time on the exciting day, those with their dumpsters will arrive and form a large circle in the blocked-off street. Each container will have a larger hat affixed to the lid. The music will resound by way of a boombox nearby. Suggested songs are “The Waltz of the Flowers” from The Nutcracker or “Going Home.” We may even choose to lift the lid in cadence with the music.

Each resident will initiate six stationary 360-degree circles to the left. When completed, they will, in time with the music, proceed across the circle. For example, the person at 12:00 will wheel toward 6:00, while the others are doing the same. The ones at 8:00 and 4:00 will glide to 2:00 and 10:00, thus completing a marvelous scene that resembles Busby Berkeley’s famous choreography of the 1930 movies.

This dance will be done three times, then leaving the circle, the dancing dumpsters and owners will proceed to the pickup spot. And another wonderful, thrilling adventure is now history.

Not to slight our friends who are unable to wrestle the huge trash carriers with their weekly debris anymore, The Dumpster Dance can be modified for those with wheelchairs or walkers.

The trash containers are set aside, but the dance can be performed the same. Slower, soothing songs and music are to be played. A suggestion would be Russ Morgan‘s “So Tired.” Just visualize the excitement and comradery that will arise from these sought-after gatherings.