Thinning Fruit Trees

The SunBird Fruit Picking team has a request of all the homeowners who have fruit trees. After your trees are picked, it is time to trim and thin out the trees. By thinning out the trees, it makes it safer for the volunteers who are picking the fruit. They return from picking with torn shirts and bloody arms. If you want fruit picked next year, please trim and thin out your fruit trees.

With the help of the Internet, here are some tips on thinning fruit trees:

The following suggestions have to happen after fruit is picked this year. Remove the broken or diseased branches. You should remove the water sprouts, competing branches, and suckers that are growing straight up into the tree. Trim the downward-bending branches that are bent more than 90 degrees. New growth will happen where you make the cuts. Sun-exposed wood will remain fruitful and will produce the largest fruit. Prune most of the top of the tree so that the lower branches will be exposed to sunlight.

We hope this information helps. SunBird Fruit Pickers appreciate your help in this matter.