The Start of a New Era

Richard Volpe

As we put 2021 in our rearview mirror, the Desert Navy is looking forward to a new year filled with excitement, adventure, and a wealth of information from those who, on occasion, join us at our meetings. We are planning on returning to our regular, normal scheduling, which runs from September up until May. Meetings are held on the third Friday of the month and start at 11 a.m. At present, meetings are held at the IHOP located off Arizona Avenue within the Target Shopping Center.

At our meeting, whenever possible, we invite a guest speaker who provides us with not only a wealth of information, but advice and aids on how we can check into some available benefits that we’re not aware of. Our next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 21, and we will be honored to have Mr. Ken Berg as our guest speaker. Ken will be discussing topics related to the VA benefits for veterans and possibly providing additional information and aids for some of those that we may have not previously been aware of.

One of our club’s primary goals is to provide support to those veterans who are in need. Our club has a variety of medical supplies and equipment that can be obtained in a short amount of time for those in need of support. For additional details regarding this, or if you have any questions, please feel free to give Rich Volpe a call at 480-802-2532.

Have a safe and healthy new year, and keep the faith as we move on to new opportunities following the many challenges we’ve faced in the past.