Thank You, Tammy Bachofner

On behalf of the SunBird Golf Resort HOA Board of Directors, we want to say a very, very big thank you to Tammy Bachofner. Tammy served on the Board as treasurer since January of 2019. She decided to sell her home and move to Texas to be near her grandkids.

Tammy made numbers and spreadsheets fun! When she gave her monthly financial reports at our board business meetings, she made the reports understandable to us non-bean counters. She even gave the residents who attended the meetings a chance to “win” candy by answering questions about our finances. And don’t forget, she provided ice cream at this year’s annual meeting.

She wrote all the “Fact or Fiction” articles to help our residents know how income is generated, what accounts the money is put into, and where it is spent. Tammy also helped everyone learn how our committees work, how items of interest or concern from residents are brought to the board for consideration, and explained that our board is a policy-making board versus an operating board. She spearheaded the Horizon Room task force with some residents, and as a result of hard work, great changes came about.

Her sense of humor and dedication to SunBird will be greatly missed.

Again, thank you, Tammy.