Thank You Note to Baby Bottle Donors

Dear Baby Bottle Donors,

Thank you for the generous support for Life’s Choices Women’s Clinics and Hope Mobile Clinic.

Our commitment to save lives from abortion, offering healthcare to prevent crisis pregnancies, and caring for women after birth is only made possible with the support of Greater Sun Lakes and Greater Chandler community residents and business owners who participate in the St. Steven’s Church annual Baby Bottle Drive.

Women facing an unplanned pregnancy may feel scared and alone and may lack support from their family. We offer pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, counseling, and education to support these women when they need it most.

With understanding, information, and assistance with baby supplies and other items, women are given the ability to review their situation and take the time needed to make a decision with which they and their unborn child can live.

We would not be able to offer these services without the assistance of faithful supporters like you. Again, thank you so much!