Thank You

SunBird Golf Club Board of Directors

On behalf of the SunBird Golf Board of Directors and SunBird’s community of golfers, thank you for your vote to pass the proposed CC&R amendment. Your votes and your voices were heard. As you know, the CC&R amendment passed with 983 yes votes. A majority of 816 yes votes was required for passage, so the wide margin is a clear indication of community support. More importantly, it demonstrates that our community has a clear desire for the HOA and the Golf Board to work collaboratively for mutually beneficial results.

We are excited for the future of our community, knowing that the beautiful golf course that anchors our subdivision has an increased opportunity to succeed. We are now able to actively address capital improvement projects as a total community, including dredging the lakes and replacing our aging irrigation system. The SunBird Golf Club recognizes that is not a handout; the HOA Board will review and concur before any monies are released directly to an authorized contractor or vendor. Only funds for capital improvements that benefit the community at large (like replacing disintegrating pilings or clearing blocked storm water reservoirs) will be approved. If you have any questions or would like to review the CC&R amendment, please contact any HOA or Golf Board member.

Again, thank you, fellow SunBird residents, for your vote in this historic CC&R amendment. With great appreciation, the SunBird Golf Club Board of Directors: Dave White, Duane Dub, Jean Pritchard, Julie Anderson, Wayne Onyx, Sandy Crane, and Ed Leonard.