SunBird vs Sun Lakes tournament

A little rain doesn’t stop avid tennis enthusiasts!

A little rain doesn’t stop avid tennis enthusiasts!

Jen Walden

Sun Lakes invited us to play in a tournament on their courts on February 9. A very cold morning turned into a perfect day for tennis, and the final score was SunBird 24, Sun Lakes 14. Yay SunBird!

On March 2, we played Springfield on their home courts. There were many close matches, but, alas, we lost 20 to 24. We did have a short 15-minute rain stoppage, but we persevered and finished out the day drenched in warm sunshine. The yummy pulled pork sandwiches they served us definitely helped to soften the bitter taste of defeat.

Our final tournament of this season was March 9 when we hosted Palm Creek. They have a lot of members, so we started at 8:30 a.m., and the last games were at 2:30 p.m. Thank you, Holly Benson and Barb Filiere, for coordinating the great breakfast and sloppy joe luncheon! It was a big event and, once again, our many volunteers made sure it was a huge success. You know who you are. Thank you!

Don’t forget to sign up for our Year-End Picnic! There’ll be organized in-house play (scheduled by Dianna) and a fabulous luncheon provided by the Tennis Club! Since Leslie Maach and I are coordinating this event, I got to choose my favorite! Fried Chicken! Yay!

Our Rules & Regulations and Bylaws have been changed to reflect the new HOA rules regarding club membership and guests. If you haven’t received a copy by email, please contact our president, Christine Terechenok, at 480-326-7346 and she will email you a copy.

The HOA has scheduled Sport Courts #1 and #2 to be resurfaced and all four courts to be painted and lined late July through early August. The project goes out to bid late March. We will be replacing the old sun screens with fresh new ones once the project has been completed. It’s going to be fabulous!

Our organized and scheduled league play and tournaments with other clubs ends March 31 and commences again in mid-October. From April through September, please continue to sign up on the court reservation sheets posted on the tennis bulletin board for all your summer court activities.

It’s all about the LOVE of the game!