SunBird Vehicle Control Gates

Layne Varney, General Manager

SunBird, as a gated community, has control gates and barrier arm devices to assist in minimizing unauthorized vehicles from entering SunBird. Authorized entry to open the vehicle control gates can be operated by remote controls for homeowners, purchased at the SunBird office, or by using a personalized four-digit code assigned to each home. The gatehouse on Riggs Road and Championship Drive (main entrance) is staffed daily to check contractors and guests before entering SunBird. When the gatehouse is not staffed, visitors, guests, or contractors may gain entry by a SunBird homeowner providing their personalized four-digit keypad code to them. The keypad system in only available at the main entry at Riggs Road and Championship Drive (one on the guest side and one on the resident side). If the keypad system is used, prior to entering the four-digit code, if on the resident side, push “0” first and then enter the four-digit code. If using the guest side keypad, push # first and then enter the four-digit code. The gate codes should only be provided to close friends, family, and trusted contractors who may visit while the gate is not staffed. If anyone feels they would like to change their gate code or they have provided it to someone they would not like to have authorized any longer and would like to change it, please visit the SunBird office. Also, if you have misplaced or can no longer remember your personalized code, please call the SunBird office. This can be done very simply with no charge involved.