SunBird Tennis Club finishes season on a high note

Charlotte Wiard

As we move into the summer, our 2017-2018 tennis social tournament schedule has sadly come to an end.

The SunBird Tennis Club participated in 11 social tournaments this year, hosting six here at SunBird and travelling to other retirement communities for the other five. This year, the weather cooperated completely, and there were no cancelations. During the five-month winter season, we played a total of 254 matches against six different clubs. Our record was 6 wins, 4 losses and 1 tie.

This season, we traveled afar to Casa Grande where we were hosted by Palm Creek. This was our first tournament against this club, and we played a total of 32 matches there. The final score was 35 to 29 for Palm Creek (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie), but the score in many of the matches was very close – it could have gone either way.

The competition against our sister clubs is very cordial but invigorating nonetheless. It is always good for a tennis player’s game to be playing against someone new. However, the highlight of the day is what is being served for lunch. All clubs who host social tournaments make a special effort to provide a nourishing breakfast and a delicious lunch for the players.

In addition to the social tournaments, SunBird also held a Welcome Back Picnic and a Year-end Picnic for its members which included an in-house tennis tournament for SunBird Tennis Club members only.

Of course, all of this does not happen without the assistance and commitment of tennis club members – from setting up, taking down, coordinating the food, assisting in the kitchen, setting up the tournament, etc. The camaraderie that results is well worth the effort.

In the 2018-2109 season, SunBird will be hosting five social tournaments and will be hosted at five tournaments at other clubs. In addition, we will also have the Welcome Back Picnic in November and the Year-end Picnic in March.

If you are interested in joining our club, please contact Charlotte Wiard at [email protected].