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Pam and Don Warber

Pam and Don Warber

Bob Neuman

It all began when this congenial couple had dinner on an arranged blind date. Don, after 13 years of being a bachelor, had not met anyone he clicked with until that night. “I was impressed by her beauty,” he remarked. Being busy with other things, Pam ignored him for a while.

Perseverance and having a lot in common finally won out and now they are celebrating 35 years of marriage, have two sons, and are blessed with three grandchildren.

Don and Pam Warber, both Northwest natives, once resided “in the rain forest of lower Snoqualmie Pass” in Issaquah, Washington.

His father was a truck driver; his mother a housewife. Don had two brothers. He always loved to sing in church and high school chorales.

Later he earned a BS degree in Business English from Washington University. He served two years in the Korean Conflict, part of it in Korea. Don had a long career managing the parts departments of auto dealers and parts store, retiring in 2006.

At first Pam thought to become a nurse but found that the pain and sorrow of families and patients was more that she could tolerate. A fourth grade teacher became her model and inspiration for obtaining a BS degree in Elementary Education and becoming a teacher for nearly 40 years in Washington state and Gilbert, AZ.

Their reasons for moving to Arizona mimicked other migrants who became residents. “We came for the Arizona sunshine and to escape dreary, drizzly Seattle except in the summer,” volunteered Don. Pam would be comfortable in our blast furnace summers but not her husband. As a result, they head for Washington in May and return to Arizona sunshine in September.

For some time they traveled in their RV visiting places in the Midwest, South and the California coastline areas. Forsaking the RV they now go with a trailer which also becomes their home while away.

One of the favorite adventures was northern Indiana for a few days among the Amish and Mennonites. Another was visiting Savannah, Georgia. For out of the country, they tried China and Macao.

Don continues his golf once a week. He likes chorale and sings with our well received SunBird Singers who seem to improve with each concert.

Other favorite pastimes are sports, car races and visiting the petting zoo with its array of such animals as bobcats, chickens, geese, ducks, pygmy goats, etc. Also, a large attractive aquarium stands in their home’s living room with a variety of fish swimming leisurely around. “Just watching them is restful,” said Don.

Another element in SunBird has great meaning for them. Not only are Pam and Don fervent Christians who attend the Sunday worships and the Bible studies but also are on the church board. Don, in addition, sings with the church choir.

You haven’t met Don and Pam? Then you are missing a pretty nice couple.