SunBird Personalities

Jackie Cox

This contagious smile of Julie Mathis has greeted residents and area guests at SunBird’s restaurant six days a week for almost four years.

In her time at SunBird, Julie has overseen expansion of the kitchen, increased hours of service, served crowds for Sunday’s buffet and added trivia night on Thursdays. As food and beverage manager, she hires, trains and schedules a staff of up to 25, plans menus and orders food and beverages daily, as well as many groups and events — and still smiles and moves with the energy of a hip teenager.

That energy follows her home 35 minutes to Florence and her husband of 14 years, 9th grade son and kindergarten daughter. She likes to work out daily and enjoys kick-boxing. Before coming to SunBird, Julie managed about eight different Applebee’s restaurants in the area. She also shares ideas with her husband, who is general manager at Five Guys Grill at Ray and Power. They also share the cooking at home.

Julie likes the repeat customers at SunBird so she can get to know people. Hours are good at Sunbird also—no late nights that interfere with her family time. She encourages people to leave ideas in the suggestion box by the office.