SunBird Patrol

Chief Dan Russell

Well, summer is here in SunBird! It’s pool time!

With the two recent golf cart accidents here in SunBird, let us remember that the stop signs and speed limits in our community are not just for motor vehicles, but are also for golf carts using the roadways. So, let’s all put our best foot forward and use the brake pedal, as well as the gas pedal, for everyone’s safety.

It is that time of year when we start seeing solicitation (door hangers) start to appear on doors in the community. If you find any solicitation material throughout the community, please give Patrol a call so that we can take care of this in a timely manner. “SunBird is a private community, and solicitation is not allowed. This includes the distribution of flyers, business cards, and any other type of advertising, whether it is door-to-door, placed on motorized vehicles, or given to an individual.”

Let’s all have a safe summer and drink lots of water.