SunBird Niners 2024 Gals and Pals Golf Tournament

Front and Back 9 First Place Winners (left to right): Back row: Scott Stohr, Benny Benson, Leo Froelich, Sue Froelich; front row: Mary Stohr, Betty Benson, Barbara Cyr, Leo Martinez (photo by Gail Schroeder)

Gail Schroeder

What a fun event we had again this year! The Horizon Room tables were so festive, and the pulled pork and potato salad were exceptionally good, not to mention the cookies, which we didn’t need but loved! Jill Ponce and Janelle Cernich put together the gift baskets and other gifts for the drawings and raffles donated by the rest of us Niners. There were almost more gifts than couples. My husband Larri Schroeder’s name was drawn, and he got a solar-powered USB pack, a four-sided wall plug, a kitchen fire safety device, and a golf towel that said, “May The Force Be With You.” His comment was, “Wow, I want to join the Women’s League. They know how to do things. The men never plan events like this.” LOL. We said, “Sorry, no men allowed.”

We all enjoyed Jill’s antics giving out the gifts. She definitely wins the prize for most fun emcee. It is a lot of work putting this event together, and she did a wonderful job. We are hoping she will do it again next year. Thanks also to Margaret Wiseman and Paula Neuser for tallying the scores. No one knows how much work goes into that job if they haven’t had to do it. We are hoping they don’t get burned out!

Tournament winners were as follows:

First Place: Scott Stohr, Benny Benson, Leo Froelich, Sue Froelich, Mary Stohr, Betty Benson, Barbara Cyr, and Leo Martinez

Second Place, Front 9: Karen Kummerfeldt, Art Lypka, Patsy Strunk, Bob Strunk

Second Place, Back 9: Debbie Swanson, Mark Swanson, Irene Schlenker, John Schlenker

Gals Longest Putt: Hole 3 Barb Edwards, Hole 17 Debbie Swanson

Guys Longest Putt: Hole 7 Bob Strunk, Hole 14 Rob Cole

Gals Closest to the Pin: Hole 5 Janet Casey, Hole 13 Connie Franklin

Guys Closest to the Pin: Hole 8 Russ Berntson, Hole 11 Mark Geurkink

April 30 is the last day of the Niners’ official league season, but we won’t stop golfing. Members and non-members are welcome to continue playing until it gets too hot! There will be a sign-up sheet in the Golf Pro Shop hallway thereafter. We will be looking for volunteers to handle several responsibilities for that. Let Judy Johnston know if you would like to be involved.