SunBird Men’s Golf Club – March Newsletter

We had a very large turnout for the Men’s Club March 7 meeting. President Buzz Curran read the minutes from the last meeting. A bit of old business was reviewed, including the issue regarding a lead person to run the summer league. Glen Ketchum came forward and offered to lead this effort for the summer. Thank you very much, Glen.

Patrick Leach, Dave White, and Jack Cooper gave their updates on the finances, Golf Shop, and Riggs Road Cup. There will be a sign-up sheet for the Riggs Road Cup posted on April 1. The first 20 golfers to sign up will be able to participate. The initial round will be at SunBird on April 19 and the second round at Springfield on April 26. See Jack for details. Jack did mention that it will be a “Net” tournament, and it would be best if the 20 golfers who sign up can play in both rounds.

Dave explained Rule 10 to us, which regards giving advice. In a nutshell, he said, don’t offer any advice unless it is asked of you; otherwise, it is a penalty. Of course, I already knew this one from all the times I give my wife advice on the course—my penalties just don’t show up on the scorecards!

After the old business was covered, the members proceeded to make nominations and conducted voting for next year’s Men’s Club officers. After all was said and done, Scott Stohr was elected president, Bob Lama vice president, Patrick Leach treasurer, and Gordon Olson secretary. Voting for each position was surprisingly close, especially considering they all ran unopposed! Seriously, it is always challenging to find people to offer to step up and accept positions, so we appreciate Scott, Bob, Patrick (again), and Gordon (again) offering to get involved and volunteer to fill these positions for next year. While the president and vice president positions are fluid and do change, Patrick and Gordon have probably figured out by now that they really accepted positions for life. Thanks for not reading the fine print in the job description, you two!

There are 156 members in the Men’s Club in 2023. Of us all, some have already served in positions in the past. If you want to get involved in committees or the board, just ask or volunteer. We always welcome fresh minds or hands, as well as a different perspective. If you are happy with the direction and leadership, then great. If you feel a different direction is required, then please be proactive and get more involved in the meetings or in a board position.

There is much going on in March. I will give results for these tournaments, as well as the end-of-season coed step aside, in the next newsletter.

Sandbaggers Roll Call: Well, still no holes-in-one since Jack and Dean. Please get some holes-in-one so Don can get rid of his pot!

Until next month, Fore!