SunBird Men’s Golf Association

Norm Ott

The SunBird Men’s Golf Association, aka the Men’s Golf Club, may be just what you are looking for if you are currently a resident, either owner or renter or are new to the community and have a desire to play in organized golf events and meet new golfers. The Men’s Club holds tournaments every Thursday morning throughout the season. The tournament games consist of gross/net stroke play, scrambles and other events at the discretion of the tournament committee. All events are handicapped and flighted to provide equality in giving all players a chance at winning. In addition to playing in the weekly events, membership in the club includes participation in the Arizona Golf Association GHIN handicap system. Questions about membership in the club, its activities or membership costs may be directed to Fred Garmeson, Membership Chairman, at 480-895-9363 or you are welcome to attend a club business meeting. The meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. in the clubhouse ballroom.

General News and Results: Members in the club are classified as A, B, C or D players based on the individual’s handicap. In scrambles, the foursomes are formed by players from each category. In addition to the scrambles, some other games are now being scheduled that allow A, B, C and D players to play in the same foursome while allowing gross scores of each to be posted. These are four person—two or three or team (four) best net scores on each hole. Two of these events were played since the last report. Results of these events follow.

12/15. Four Person—Three Best Net Scores On Each Hole: Winners were the team of Doug English, John German, John Brockish and David Fischer at 168. Runners up were Earl Ferguson, Dan Carroll, Earl Walker and Roy Comeau at 170.

12/22. Regular Stroke/Net: Gross Winners were flight 1 Dean Huyghebaert 67, flight 2 Cal Macpherson 75 and flight 3 Frank Robertson 75. Net Winners were flight 1 Wayne Onyx 58, flight 2 Loren Carrel 62 and flight 3 David Fischer 51.

12/29. Regular Stroke/Net Play: Gross Winners were flight 1 Dale Stokke 66, flight 2 Gary Hodges 73, flight 3 John Franklin and Paul Carlson tied at 78 and flight 4 Gary Whistler 80. Net Winners were flight 1 Glen Ketchum, Dale Stokke and Jim Bickett three-way tie at 60, flight 2 Gary Hodges 60, flight 3 Paul Carlson 59 and flight 4 David Fischer 54

1/5. Team Low Net: Winners were the team of John Brockish, Jim Croghan, Bill Barkley and Terry Randles, 238.

February Schedule:

2/2 and 2/9—Wrap-up of the annual Match Play Challenge


2/23—First round of the Club Championship.