SunBird Lions Club Completed Packages from Home Drive

The SunBird Lions Club has completed their annual collection for the Packages from Home project. We are pleased to report that the SunBird residents pitched in again this year with donations for our deployed troops.

The SunBird Lions Club has been participating in this worthy project since 2010. Each year, we provide a “Soldier’s wish list” and a specially-marked collection box at the community center from Nov. 1 to Nov. 30.

For those who are not familiar with this project, the Packages from Home organization sends care and comfort packages to deployed military members who are stationed in active-duty theaters around the world. The purpose of these packages is to help elevate the soldiers’ morale and remind them that we have not forgotten them as they serve to protect our country.

Due to the redecorating of the community center and the uncertainty of where we were allowed to place our collection box, our collections were down much lower than last year. Even so, we were able to collect over 30 paperback books, 88 pairs of socks, and many assorted toiletries, games, and snack items. The donation center expressed their gratitude to the SunBird Lions Club and to our SunBird community residents for our annual drive to help them.