SunBird Lions Club bingo winners celebrate

January 18, 2019, Bingo winners

January 18, 2019, Bingo winners

Marilyn Hespel

The winners from January 18, 2019, were Jan Engdahl, Judy Chubin, Robin Whitmore, Jim Demmer, Robert Thalman, Lucille Tweit, Bill King, John Martin, Barbara Rhodes, Shirley Stein, Charlene Loomis, Gary Popelka, Kay Schroeter, Ken Lyman, Mike Malta and jackpot winner Donna Kleinow. The jackpot was worth $233.

The winners on February 1, 2019, were Kim Price, Carolyn Messner, Vicki Baker (2), Eileen Chick (2), Karen Stenberg, Gary Vollmeu, Lorraine Biel, Arty Whitmore, Lori Thomas, Kathleen Gerber, Marilyn Hespel, Joyce Dougal, Kathleen Velde, Fran Lyman, Barb Stolper, Marki Wratten and jackpot winner Bob Wolbersen who took home $219.

SunBird Lions Club would like to thank all the participants who have come to our games. Bingo is on the first and third Friday of each month, November through April. Cards go on sale at 6:00 p.m., and calling begins at 6:30 p.m. Come early to claim your lucky seat. The more players in attendance, the greater the winnings. All players must be at least 18 years of age.

The SunBird Lions Club offers coffee, water, cookies and brownies to purchase for a small charge. Please, no children under the age of eight years of age. March dates of play will be March 1 and March 15. All Bingo Nights are held in the ballroom of the SunBird clubhouse building. Hope to see you there!