SunBird Library Contains Large Selection of Western Books

Our SunBird Library has a large selection of Western books. This grouping can be found by looking at the endcap posters and then looking for the books with a cowboy boot on the spine.

Readers enjoy the Western characters who are very skilled, tough, and resilient—cowboys, ranchers, and homesteaders.

These were our superheroes! You’ll find a lot of books by Louis L’Amour, and these books precede the rest of the Westerns, which are filed alphabetically by author. There is also a large collection of books by William W. Johnstone.

Have you found the Mystery section in our library? Again, search the endcap posters for this large genre of books. According to Guinness World Records, Agatha Christie has the title of “World’s Best-Selling Fiction Writer.”

A big thank you to the recent donor of audio books, to others who donate books to us, and to the volunteers who love to organize the library! Happy trails to you.