SunBird Lady 18ers start the year out strong!

Ladies Shoot-out Champions Cindy Vig, Barb Terry and Melissa Craig

Ladies Shoot-out Champions Cindy Vig, Barb Terry and Melissa Craig

We have been busy this past month! We had the Ladies Gross Shoot-out, the SunBird Cup, the nominating committee held their meeting and we heard from the Golf Board candidates; all while playing golf and having fun!

Congratulations to Sandy Stibitz, our 2016/2017 SunBird Cup winner! The scores were close this year. Sandy shot a combined net score of 122 with Jo Mottet following at a close second with a 123, while third place tied for a 124 and fifth place came in one point behind that with a 125. Couldn’t get much closer, ladies – way to play! A very special thank you to Melissa Craig, Cindy Vig and Lore Schaefer for all your help with pairings and scoring.

Our ladies gross shoot-out was also an exciting event. We had 10 amazing players and a good group cheering them on, considering how dang cold it was that day. In the end, congratulations goes to Cindy Vig, first place, followed by Barb Terry in second and Melissa Craig took third place. It’s such a fun event! Thanks to everyone who played and to Trish Carrel and her team of helpers for braving the cold so everyone could have fun! Keep in mind that we can have as many players as possible in our ladies shoot-outs, so be thinking of next year, ladies.

Congratulations to Marsha Brockish on her hole-in-one during the month of January. At our February meeting, Marsha was presented with $74 from the Ladies Club hole-in-one fund! To qualify for the money, your hole-in-one must be on a ladies play day. Way to go, Marsha! Janet Farrell also received a hole-in-one in January; however, not on a Tuesday, so no money – pouty face.

The nominating committee consisting of Joyce Gerber, Cindy Vig, Marsha Brockish and Tammy Bachofner present the following nominees for our 2017/2018 Board.

Sue Koslofsky as Vice President

Cheryl Moore as Treasurer

Lisa Onyx as Secretary

These names are posted on the sign-up board. We will be taking nominations from the floor at our March general meeting and, of course, if you are interested in any of these positions or one of our committees, please contact Tammy Bachofner. It’s not too late to jump in and help! The final vote takes place at our March meeting. For informational purposes only; In accordance with our by-laws, the current Vice President automatically steps into the position of President.

Upcoming events:

*April 2 – Couples Net Shoot-out

March 7 – General Lunch/Board Meeting

March 14 – Week one of “Club Championship”

*March ? – Couples Gross Shoot-out

March 21 – Week two of the “Club Championship”

March 30 – Ladies golf with men. Awards BBQ to follow

*date is different than what is shown in your books

Until next month, hit ‘em long and straight, but most of all, have fun!