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Becky Sargeant, just after her hole in one on May 31.

Becky Sargeant, just after her hole in one on May 31.

Tammy Bachofner

While many of you are enjoying your nice summer weather outside the community of SunBird, those that remain here are experiencing a few days of 100 to 117 degree weather this first week of June. It is beautiful, and really not so bad as long as you golf early in the morning, stay in the shade or at the pool in the afternoon and evening. However, that’s just my opinion. I actually still sit out on my patio in the evening and I know of a few others that do the same so I can’t be that crazy.

Just ask Becky Sargeant how great the days are here. On May 31 (a bit cooler day), Becky celebrated her 36th wedding anniversary by getting a hole in one on No. 13 followed by a Birdie on 14 and ending the round with an amazing 71. What a way to celebrate one of the most special days of your life. Congratulations, Becky! I want to personally wish you and Steve many more blissful years! By the way, just so no bad rumors get started, the happy couple really celebrated this special day together with an evening out, but Becky sure knows how to make the day memorable, doesn’t she?

As you must have guessed by my last article, I’m really reaching for things to write about here during the quote “off season.” Thanks to Becky, I had some real news, but now we are back to filler.

I had the privilege of golfing with Pat Arnold this past month. She was having a pretty good game herself and after getting her second Birdie, we decided to try to come up with an un-official name for three Birdies in a row. You know like they do when you get three strikes in a row during a bowling game, a/k/a a Turkey. Well, Pat really enjoys wildlife, especially the birds on the course, and we kept seeing all these cute little baby Quail running around, so we decided if you get three Birdies in a row we will call it a Quail. Now that’s being inventive or maybe just a fun way to entertain ourselves during the game. Of course, I had to try to find out if there was an official name for three Birdies in a row and all that I could find was online from Let’s go Golfing golf terms “where the term ‘Birdie Blitz’ is described as a run of more than two birdies in a row.” I did not find anything in the official rule book for the USGA but to be honest, I only looked through the definitions pages as I am not quite bored enough to read the entire rule book. But hey – if anyone happens to know the correct terminology let me know.

Well, that’s all the news I have for now.

Keep having fun doing whatever you are doing and if it happens to be golf then hit ‘em long and straight or at least be able to laugh when you don’t.

See you all in a few months