SunBird Kare Bears Donate Funds

Barbara Dunbar

Although we have been unable to meet as a group, our membership decided to allocate 2020-21 funds to four local charities. Checks of $500 each will be sent to House of Refuge, My Sister’s Place, Neighbors Who Care, and One Small Step. We weren’t able to have any fundraising events since March of 2020, but we’re hoping to resume our normal activities in October of this year. Currently, the 2021-22 calendar includes our Kare Bear Fairs, memorials, and two major fundraisers.

We are still looking for people in our community who want to join the Kare Bears. We need individuals who will be willing to run for the board; a treasurer, and several committee chairs to include Fall Memorials, Kare Bear Fair White Elephant Tables, and Community Days. If you are interested, please contact Margaret Speer ASAP at 480-395-1629.

If everything goes according to plan, please come join us at our first meeting in the fall on Oct. 20, at 1 p.m., in the east end of the ballroom. We are so anxious to see you all!