SunBird Irish Club news

Mary Pilon, Secretary

The Irish Club welcomed the New Year with a fun meeting on January 5 in the Horizon Room. We had 62 members present, including one new member, Elaine Hughene.

We sang Happy Birthday to Deanna Calvert and Liz English and congratulated Stevie and Ray Simone on their 49th anniversary.

After the minutes of December’s meeting and the Treasurer’s report were read, President Walt Kinney asked for prayers for our members who are in ill health. Harry and Marti Stanton, Jim Wilford and Fred Pilon are currently undergoing treatments.

On Saturday, February 6 from 7:00-10:00 p.m., there will be a wedding reception and free dance in honor of our newlyweds, James and Marcie Gascoyne. Mr. B & The Blonde will be the DJs for the party and it surely will be quite the party. It will be held in the Ballroom.

Plans are all set for the annual trip to Laughlin in February. We will stay at the Riverside Casino/Resort again. The bus leaves SunBird at 7:00 a.m. sharp on February 16 for three enjoyable and hopefully, profitable days of friendly wagering.

Members thanked Shirley Goodman for her work on the Christmas party. It was quite a party and everyone had a great time. Since Shirley did such a good job, she was voted to chair next year’s party and she accepted!

A sign-up sheet for the first annual golf cart parade on St. Patrick’s Day was passed around. Details later.

Tickets for the Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner in March will go on sale at our February meeting. Ethel Donoghue reported that all plans are going smoothly.

Our 50/50 raffle has been changed to 25/25/50 so more members can profit. Floy Feltman and Judy Budinas both took home $42 and the club earned $168. The dollar game was won by Barb Reiner. She won $37. Mel Terechenok, our shirt salesman, donated an Irish Club golf hat and gave it to Stevie Simone in honor of her upcoming anniversary.

President Walt thanked Mike and Maddy Maloney for being responsible for setting up the St. Mary’s Food Bank box, our American and Irish flags and banner before each meeting. Then President Walt adjourned the meeting after Deanna approved and Don McMullen seconded the motion. Sub sandwiches were served after the meeting adjourned. A good time was had by all.