SunBird Irish Club

Mary Pilon, Publicity

The annual Patio Party on Tuesday, April 3, marked the end of the season for the Irish Club. We had a short business meeting at 4:00 p.m., followed by lasagna, salad, rolls and delicious cookies. We plan to resume monthly meetings in October.

So, here’s the thing. Jack Dolezal will take over the Shillelagh as our new president. Jack gave a short, sweet acceptance speech which was warmly received by the members. George Richardson, our new vice president, spoke about a tradition-breaking getaway for next February. Instead of Laughlin, our annual bus trip will be to Quechan Hotel/Casino in Yuma, including a trip south of the border, plus some shopping outings in Yuma. Friendly wagering will be the highlight of the trip, as always. James Gascoyne will continue the duties of treasurer, and our new secretary is Irene Treese.

Outgoing President Margaret O’Brien was presented a beautiful gift of yellow roses as a thank you for her successful year as our president. Margaret urged me to print a retraction to my statement in April’s SunBird News. Margaret assured me that she did not resign – she “chose not to run” for a second term. Thanks, Margaret, for a difficult job well done!

Donations to the Garden Club, Homeowners Association and SunBird Golf Course were approved by the members. Janet Rosenstock reported on our annual St. Pat’s Day dinner, and Walter Kinney was thanked for the success of his third Golf Cart Parade on St. Paddy’s Day. Yours truly missed winning the 50/50 by ONE number. The prize went to Don Calvert, who wasn’t sympathetic and didn’t share the $$$$. I forgot who won the Dollar game.

Important! The Irish Club will be in charge of delivering the SunBird News for six months, beginning in October. Don and Mary McMullen are in charge of this job and are asking for volunteers to deliver the paper. If you can help, they would greatly appreciate it. Their phone number is 219-6468.

That’s it for now. Will return in the fall with more reports on the Irish Club, its members, activities, meeting and sheer enjoyment. Being sons of Erin is a special blessing for sure. Have a wonderful summer, keep cool, stay healthy and keep smiling.