SunBird HOA Dues: Fact or Fiction?

Who ultimately decides who will run or be on the SunBird HOA board of directors and who the officers will be?

Over the years, we have we have had some amazing people serve on our board of directors. How do we find these candidates and what is the “screening” process?

For the most part, the answer is you. You, the residents, help find them, screen them, and elect them. Yes, we have an elections committee made up of residents. This committee helps secure candidates, presents them to the board of directors, and counts the ballots after the election.

However, most of our candidates come from residents encouraging each other. This happens throughout the year. People currently serving on committees, including the board of directors, actually never end the process of keeping their eyes and ears open towards other residents who have shown interest, knowledge, and drive in the areas of leadership, commitment, and passion for the overall wellbeing of the SunBird community. Our residents have a vast array of skills and qualifications that help enhance the leadership and the future of the SunBird Community.

Once a resident in good standing (paid in full on all dues, assessment, and other HOA fees) has decided to run as a candidate, or even while they are still considering the possibility, they speak to our HOA manager and other board members to find out the inside scoop of what it really takes and the details of being a director. This past year, we even held a “class” for those interested so they had a better understanding of the process, the responsibilities, and commitment for becoming a director.

Then the fun begins. They submit their name for nomination, the Elections Committee submits them to the current board of directors, and once accepted (member in good standing), the names are placed on the ballot.

The Elections Committee has each candidate respond in writing to predetermined questions which are printed with the candidate’s bio in the SunBird paper and presented at Community Day where you have an opportunity to speak to the candidates in person. Most candidates will also go to SunBird clubs and committees, in an attempt to reach as many residents as possible, and tell them about their skills, their prior SunBird involvement, and why they feel they should be elected.

The actual voting is held in November and December. Each household is entitled to one vote. Ballots are mailed the first Monday of November, with a return deadline of December 15, or the following business day if the 15th is on a weekend. The Elections Committee tallies the ballots, and the results are posted ASAP. Those elected take office Jan. 1.

Once the elections are completed, the following officers are elected by the board of directors at the annual organization meeting: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. This meeting is open to all residents. Once that year’s president has been decided, he or she appoints the committee liaisons for the year.

Ever wonder what the officers actually do, other than attend meetings? Of course, they all have to adhere to both our CC&Rs, By-Laws, Book of Governance, and our Rules and Regulations. I will save the explanation of those for another article. Here is a brief summary of each position’s other responsibilities.

Board president: chief executive officer has general powers and duties of a normal corporation. In other words, they are responsible for overseeing the entire SunBird Community with the help and guidance of our HOA manager. This position has the power to appoint or remove committees as seen fit, other than as outlined in our governing documents.

Vice president: Shall take the place and the responsibility of the current President whenever they are absent or unable to perform their duties.

Secretary: Obviously, this position takes all our meeting minutes, keeps records of such minutes, as well as making sure all manuals are updated, as needed, based on votes taken by the board.

Treasurer: Is responsible for the corporation’s funds, keeping accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements and deposits. Of course, just like the president, this is accomplished with the guidance and paid experience of professional, the HOA manager, CPAs and accountants, as well as the guidance of our finance committee.

Now you know the full process. Hopefully, you were able to get out and meet your board of directors candidates, either at one of the SunBird clubs that you participate in or maybe at the SunBird Community Day which was held in November. Even better, maybe you have decided to look into the possibility of becoming a future board of directors? If so, start now by looking into joining a committee or volunteering at an event or other venue. Stop by the office and chat with Layne, our HOA manager, who would be happy to help guide you in the process. No matter what, please remember to vote. The future of SunBird is in your hands.

Thank you to everyone who helped make SunBird a GREAT place to live! We are only as successful as our committees, our boards, our many volunteers, groups, clubs, and residents.