SunBird Golf Club establishes a new volunteer program

Norm Ott

During the course of the year, there can be many small projects and needs that get pushed low on the priority list due to the amount of routine work that needs to done by the golf course grounds crew. This is especially the case during the peak season when the golf course gets the most play and thus the most wear and tear. In an attempt to get more of these projects done, the SunBird Golf Club has established a program in which volunteers can participate in the completion of said projects.

To facilitate this program, a white erasable board will be on display at the golf course maintenance facility. Projects that are needed to be worked on will be listed. A person who is willing to donate some time to the club can go to the board, see what is listed and choose a project to work on. Rick Lantgen and his staff will always be available to explain the project and will provide the necessary tools as needed.

Over the years, volunteers have played a large part in making the SunBird Golf Course a facility to be proud of and one of the best in the valley. It is hoped that this will continue through participation in this program. For information contact Norm Ott at 895-2969.